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About us | the artist

Nolan Everitt is a master of the art glass trade, having spent more than 30 years delighting and inspiring the public with his work. He began his career in the 1970's designing and producing various forms of art glass including silk-screened, and etched glass, but his true love was found in the relatively new medium of carved glass.

In 1982, Nolan formed Nolan Everitt Designs to change the way people think about glass. From the beginning, Nolan's work was considered "graphic and breathtaking", and the experience he created for clients "delightful".

For nearly three decades, the company has completed more than 5,000 projects, building a world class reputation along the way. Nolan's work has become a standard offering for many of the most successful interior designers and home remodeling companies and graces the homes of Hollywood actors, directors, music industry moguls, princes, kings, museums, universities, sports arenas, restaurants, and hotels.

Changing the way you think about glass.
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